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Maximize exit velo and optimize launch angles by capturing real-time metrics and observing results immediately after impact. Swing with purpose.

  • Exit Velocity

  • Launch Angle

  • Distance

  • Point of Impact

  • Play Outcome

  • Strike Zone Analysis

  • High Speed Video w/ integrated metrics


Go head-to-head with a batter while simultaneously capturing all pitch and resulting hit metrics. Results matter, so paint the corners and build your arsenal.

  • Pitch Velocity

  • Pitch Location

  • Late Break Measurement

  • % Strikes

  • Performance by Pitch Type

  • Opposing Battling Stats

  • High-Speed Video w/ integrated metrics



Coaches utilize HitTrax advanced metrics and assessment reports to better evaluate player performance and build a superior roster. By reviewing large samples sets, coaches get a true sense of a player’s abilities and can recognize their full potential.

Players are also able to leverage the same metrics and reports to set themselves apart from peers and gain the attention of college programs and recruiters. By providing quantitative data, players are able to demonstrate their value and get noticed!


HitTrax brings exciting gameplay to batting cages. Go head-to-head in your favorite ballpark, organize leagues and tournaments, and play games only available with HitTrax. It’s truly a whole new ballgame.


Connect with other HitTrax enabled cages with online play, and unlock real time competition through your internet connection. Join a league or start your own, and play with friends or against opponents from around the world!

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