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Baseball Heaven Facility

Baseball Heaven's Main Lobby
  • 4 Full Length Cages with automatic pitching machines in all 4 (2 with softball machines)
  • Pro Shop stocked with gloves, bat wrap and batting gloves to fit players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Men's and Women's Bathrooms (Men's has lockers)
  • Team Meeting Room
Turf Room & Loft

There are 2 additional areas at Baseball Heaven. The first is the "William Frederick Turf Room". The Turf Room is a popular spot in the off-season. It serves as our weekend camps and clinics locale, as well as a great place for teams to work on defense. Taking ground balls in the winter has always been tough, but not anymore. We have an automatic ground ball machine that fires out ground balls at various speed every 6 seconds.


The other room at Baseball Heaven is a little more relaxing. Our Loft located upstairs, is the perfect spot for parents to watch their player hit. Players can get homework done before or after a lesson. An air hockey table, Shuffleboard table and TV are some of the features available to our members.

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