Baseball Heaven Athletes

Connor Smith
Dow High School (Sr)
Cincinatti Reds Prospect Team
Huntington Hounds Summer Team
Currently Playing for Western Michigan

Baseball Heaven has done so much for me over the years. I have been going there on a regular basis ever since they first opened. It has given me a place to hit and do infield drills in the winter since you can’t go outside in Michigan. Coach Joe is an amazing guy, whether it’s the baseball side of things or just as a person, he’s a great guy to talk to. My dad throws to me in the cage behind the L-Screen, which definitely helps me prepare for the season and even upcoming tournaments. The pitching machines are great to hit off of too because they don’t throw just fastballs, they also throw other game like pitches that you see from live pitchers. It definitely helps for hitting those off speed pitches in real games from the work you put in at Baseball Heaven. I love going to Baseball Heaven, I go as many days as I can, because places like those will help get you better. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without Baseball Heaven. It’s an awesome place to go especially during the winter months.

Hannah Carson
Freshman Mt. Pleasant High School
Committed to play Softball at
University of Michigan

Hannah has been coming to Baseball Heaven for the past 5 years. She has utilized the facility, cages, machines, and instruction from coach Joe. We want to wish her the best of luck throughout her high school career and to have continued success at the Division 1 level at the University of Michigan after she graduates.

Jackson Worsley
Dow High School '14
CM Stars Summer Team (2014)
Played for Delta College (JUCO)
Currently Playing at Alma College
Max Trucks
Mt. Pleasant High School (Jr)
(2014 MHSAA State Champs)
2015 All-State Selection
CM Stars Summer Team 18u
Playing at Davenport U.

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Alex Millhisler
Nouvel Catholic Central (Sr)
College Connect Elite Summer Team
College: Saginaw Valley State U

I started training at Baseball Heaven when I was 13. I never took advantage of Joe’s great facilities at a young age, which I now regret. Ever since I began coming here, I have come in to hit just about every single day. During the winter season I try to throw bull pens about twice a week, and I am very fortunate to be able to train indoors during the winter. Especially because there is no other place in Midland where there is indoor baseball training year round. Baseball Heaven is a great place where I have made good friends, and met many great people from all over the state of Michigan. The staff has taught me A LOT about the proper techniques that are required in order to succeed and strive in the game of baseball. Also, Joe has a lot of connections and friends that are part of the higher levels of baseball. He has gotten me in touch with many colleges and travel team coaches who have helped me succeed and become a better player.

I have been training and taking lessons with Coach Joe since I was only 9 years old. As the first member of Baseball Heaven, I’ve spent quite some time training here. Baseball Heaven has everything you need and more to make yourself a better baseball player. The staff makes it easy for players to learn about the game. Baseball Heaven has made a huge impact not only on the way I play the game, but how I think about it too.

**Baseball Heaven's Very First Member**

I not only have had the opportunity to instruct at Baseball Heaven, but was able to use the full facility to train for my previous baseball season (2014). I've always been skeptical about using pitching machines, however, the machines at Baseball Heaven are as game like as you can get without having an actual pitcher throwing to you. Before I trained at Baseball Heaven I never had the opportunity to fine tune my swing mechanics without the assistance of a person throwing to me, and even then it was impossible to get a game speed pitch or work on off-speed pitches. The machines at Baseball Heaven allowed me to train on my own and get in more work and preperation than I've ever had leading up to a season.
*Elected to the 2014 & 2015 Frontier League AllStar Game after training at BH*

Jordan Dean
Bullock Creek High School '09
Central Michigan
Detroit Tigers Draft Pick 2012
Schaumburg Boomers
Luke Anderson
Dow High School (Sr)
Signed to play at Mt. Vernon Nazarene College

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Ryan Longstreth
Beaverton High School '08
Midland Berryhill World Series Champ '09
Central Michigan
Detroit Tigers Draft Pick 2012
Lakeland Flying Tigers (High A)

Baseball Heaven has been a great place for me during the off-season. I use their fitness room to warm-up and do my arm care program, and then head to the indoor turf room to throw and get my arm in shape prior to heading to spring training in March. Jordan and I have played together on 3 different teams since we were in high school (Midland Berryhill, Central Michigan, Detroit Tigers Minor League Teams), so it's always fun to go in there, get my workouts in, and talk baseball.

Dean Marais
Mt. Pleasant High School '14
(2014 MHSAA State Champ)
CM Stars Summer Team (2014)
Playing for Delta College (JUCO)

Baseball Heaven is the perfect place to make yourself better as a baseball player. I truly wish I would have came across Baseball Heaven earlier than I did because it would have made me that much better of a player now. Not just from the batting cages or the backroom (where you can take ground balls and get yourself quicker or faster), but the staff here helps tremendously and can make you a smarter and more developed ball player. Overall Baseball Heaven is just the place you need to improve your skills and your baseball knowledge.

Zack Reed
Bullock Creek High School '13
Playing for Defiance College

I've been going to the Baseball Heaven camps since I was a little kid and I'm happy to see that Baseball Heaven has evolved into what it is today. The entire complex is great. The batting cages with the excellent machines to the new turf room, this place allows you to get better at all aspects of the game. Baseball Heaven has treated me well for some time now and continues to do so to this day.