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Videos of Baseball Heaven's Athletes in Action

Indoor Ground Ball Machine

7 year old Cooper comes to Baseball Heaven on a weekly basis, sometimes multiple times a week. He has been coming to Baseball Heaven ever since he could pick up a ball and bat. Here he is having a private lesson with Coach Joe where he is getting lots of ground ball repetitions off of our autmatic ground ball machine.

Curveball Practice

Nick practices hitting curveballs off of our automatic pitching machines. He has a tournament coming up this month and has been working on seeing different pitches at the same distance that he'll see in the game.

Outfield Drills

Local high school ball player wanted to work on his footwork in the outfield. So with the use of our ground ball machine he can work on his approach to the ball, his crow hop, throwing form, and throw.

3B Throws on the Run

Evan has been working on his 3rd base fielding skills this winter. Today we worked on plays on the run. Field, transfer, throw.

McKenzie Moe practices her pitching mechanics while coach Schwelly works on his catching skills


Pickoffs & Baserunning

Mid Michigan Fury travel team works on their leads, baserunning, and pickoffs here at the William Frederick Turf Room. These players have been working out in our turf room for an hour, and then go and hit live pitch sequences from our pitching machines. They see fastballs, curveballs (right & left) and changeups.

Stations during Team Practice

The Pirates Travel team has a full team practice in our turf room. 3 stations set up. Tee Work, Live BP and Groundballs.

Landon Williams is really working on that high front side!

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