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Constant Hitting Leads to Success


Darren Kalina, head coach for the Bullock Creek Varsity Softball team, credits his teams success and impressive offensive numbers to their year round hitting approach.

"...for the past 2 years our players have been hitting twice a week year round and you can really see the results especially in the younger players."


Read the full article here: BULLOCK CREEK SOFTBALL ARTICLE


*the bullock creek softball team has etched their name in a number of MHSAA records*



Baseball Heaven's Hitting Philosophy same as Ted Williams


In a recent New York Times article, Chicago Cubs 3rd Baseman and power hitting prospect, Kris Bryant, discussed his hitting philosophy and mechanics. His dad was in the Boston Red Sox organization and got to learn from arguably the best hitter of all time, Ted Williams. The article discusses some of the key points he picked up during his time learning from one of baseball's all time greats.


"...We're going to hit it hard and in the air." - Ted Williams


"It made perfect sense; Pitchers throw the ball on a downward plane, so hitters MUSTswing up to meet it squarely. Swing down on the ball, or even with it, produces ground ball. Pitchers want that. Hitters want homeruns." - Kris Bryant's Father


Read the full article here: KRIS BRYANT NY TIMES ARTICLE


*Baseball Heaven teaches the same mechanics and hitting philosphy used by the most successful major leaguers*


Hit it Hard, Hit it in the Air




Kris Bryant HR off Felix Hernandez Fastball


Kris Bryant HR off Felix Hernandez Curveball


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